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You have spent the equivalent of a mortgage payment on dinner. Just for yourself.

You pull a loaf of brioche out of your purse. (From Twelve!)

You plan your vacations based on where you want to eat and what is in-season.

You have eaten as many as three dinners in one night – while you’re in NYC you have to take advantage of all the options, right?

You “collect” chefs like baseball cards.

You have the French Laundry, El Bulli, the Fat Duck and Per Se on your bucket list.

You travel with your chef knife.

If there is foie gras on the menu you’re always going to order it.

You have more food pictures on your phone than pictures of your kids.

You cried when Gourmet Magazine went away.

You worship Alice Waters, Julia Child, Thomas Keller ……I could go on and on.

The James Beard awards are your “Oscars”.

You want a combi oven and an industrial dishwasher in your next kitchen.

Pacojet, Robocoupe and chinois are not unfamiliar words.

You look forward to reading the Times on Wednesdays.

And I know there are more. Please share your own “You know you’re a foodie when comments”. I look forward to reading your responses.