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We typically reserve this spot for an interview with a chef, sommelier or mixologist.  It dawned on me that after three plus years in business I have not expanded on why I named my company Culinary Connectors instead of a name with food or culinary tour as part of the company name. After spending ten days in Spain this month and experiencing their food, wine and culture I felt it was vitally important to share what Culinary Connectors is about.

There are many food tour companies around the country. Colorado has six such companies, three in Denver, two each in Boulder and Aspen and one in Colorado Springs. Culinary Connectors provides tours in Denver, Boulder and Aspen.  Aside from an ethnic market tour company that was around for a few years Culinary Connectors was the first formalized food tour company in Colorado, beginning in November 2008.

I am a huge proponent of following your passion and if I were a betting woman I would bet 99% of those people who start culinary tour companies are passionate about food, beverages, chefs, etc. Collectively, some offer market tours, restaurant tours, farm to table tours, etc., but they all take a chance to be able to share their passion of food with others and that’s a great thing.

Although one (major) aspect of our business is to provide culinary tours and everyone who works for us has a strong passion for all things culinary, Culinary Connectors is not about offering tours.

Nope, not at all.

We’re about connecting people to the passion food encompasses and just as important, to the people who deliver on that passion.

As humans we have few basic needs, a couple which are food and social connections.  I speculate that is why we center around food; we make up,
break up, negotiate, network, mourn and celebrate… all around food.

For the sake of what do we do this? What is it about food that brings us together? That we spend hours searching for ingredients, cooking, pairing beverages, inviting friends over to our homes only to devour a meal in 20 minutes that took days to prepare and another day to clean up? Why is it at a party everyone ends up in the kitchen?  It is the care that went in to preparing that meal that brought our friends and family together to provide them with joy. A joy that evokes memories over a causal picnic, a five course meal or even a cookie.  It is the memory of that connection of food to happiness, bliss and the desire to continue to participate in that ritual.

The sharing of food with others is a connection we can have for a moment in time or a lifelong relationship.  We have all heard of comfort foods and we all have our favorites, some traditional some not so traditional to our cultures. All comfort foods have one thing in common and it’s not an ingredient you can buy, grow or make.  It is the memory of pleasure that food brings back for you.

It is that connection and our passion to bring those joy seekers and talented passion providers together. That is what Culinary Connectors is
about.  We are about introducing you to the culinary talent we have here and around the country.  We want to share our knowledge and passion with you and we want to learn from you and your culinary experiences, passion and knowledge.

Connecting is sharing and sharing with each other is what Culinary Connectors is about.

Please, take a moment and post a comment and tell us about your favorite culinary experience, knowledge or food passion.

Thank you for continuing to support our passion.

My warmest regards,
Becky Creighton
Culinary Connectors