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Last Friday evening I wondered into the Village Cork. Culinary Connectors was finishing up their Friday South Pearl Street Walking Tour. Guests were gathered around Chef Samir Mohammad as he poured the last bit of Infinite Monkey Theorem wine and explained one more time how he makes his fresh ricotta. The group ended up enjoying Happy Hour at the Cork basking in the glow of eating and drinking all afternoon.

I cozied up to the bar and ordered the tomato salad. Samir poured wine for me, a glass of Marietta Old Vines. I watched him work in his little but efficient kitchen, preparing my salad and the many orders of his most popular dish, lobster polenta fries. The fries are tasty, baked and served with Brie cream and a sweet balsamic reduction. Tonight however I was in the mood for some local produce. His salad is composed of cherry heirloom tomatoes with perfectly blanched asparagus, fresh made ricotta, basil and organic greens. It’s fresh and light as the dressing is made from juicing the tomatoes in a little salt and then adding a touch of olive oil. It’s the perfect dish for a sunny Friday afternoon or as a start to dinner. Next I tried the Moody Blue Soufflé and then finished with Samir’s special for the evening, a plate of mahi mahi tacos. Samir is utterly passionate about produce and letting it do the work. His dishes are clean and well composed. He felt like putting tacos on the menu that Friday and I am glad that he did. The flavors were perfect. At the end of my meal I glanced at my watch, amazingly two hours had passed; I was relaxed, well fed and happy. With Chef Samir’s fresh, organic menu along with a well-crafted wine list and a laid back and relaxed atmosphere the Village Cork is a great place for dinner tonight.

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