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Zoe Ma Ma is a small five-table restaurant in Boulder’s West End that one could easily find on a Taiwanese corner.  Businessmen, college kids, and families sit at the high-top tables facing the street, smiling faces over chopsticks and steaming bowls.  The food is quick and authentic.  Here you won’t find orange chicken, overcooked rice or greasy egg rolls.  Instead, the menu boasts homemade organic noodles, free-range chicken and all natural meats.  The menu favorites are CPR (chicken, potatoes and rice) and the Za Jiang Mian, homemade noodles with seasoned ground pork and vegetables.  Owner Edwin Zoe was lucky enough to grow up eating his mother’s delicious Chinese food.  His missed his mom’s food after living in Boulder for some time, but was fortunate enough to see her a few times a year to indulge in his childhood favorites, as she was then living in the mid-west.  Eventually, an opportunity arose for Edwin to buy the small space on Boulder’s 10th Street.  His mother, Zoe Ma Ma, who also goes by Anna, was excited about doing something she was passionate about, cooking.  Although she was then retired, she jumped right in, working up to sixteen hour days and has shown no signs of slowing down.  Edwin is lucky to have grown up with such amazing food in his life, and now we are lucky enough to enjoy it too.  Stop by any time, Ma Ma will be happy to have you.

Zoe Ma Ma 2010 10th Street, Boulder, CO 80302