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A Source of Responsibility

Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe, an establishment that only sources from within 250 miles of the Denver LoHi shop, supports ranches and farms that raise animals in a hormone and antibiotic free environment. The owners of the butcher shop, Kate Kavanaugh and Josh Curtiss, have simply chosen to supply customers with animals that have roamed free on pasture and ranch land, currently obtaining pigs from Cotton Creek Farms in Merino, cows from Koberstein Farms in Holyoke, and lamb from Fruition Farms just outside of Elizabeth. Although the shop only carries pork, beef, and lamb, there are high hopes to supply customers with bison, elk, and chicken.

Aside from stocking whole animals for butchery, the co-owners also carry a wide range of specialty food products and even homemade stocks and house-made sausages. Also, if in need of a particular cut, the shop caters to specialty orders and will source any product one is in search for. Be sure to stop by the shop between open and 2PM, as the shop provides craft delicatessen sandwiches to go. However, if you’re looking for a sandwich that just can’t be beat, try the “sharp shooter.” This beauty contains chimichurri and mushrooms between two steaks in a whole boule. It’s cut to order and sold by the pound, toasted for supreme enjoyment, and available for walk-in by the slice. Order a few for your Super Bowl party and treat your guests to a sandwich they won’t forget!

Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe is located at 3326 Tejon Street, Denver, CO (303) 477-6328

Wednesday-Saturday 11AM-7PM, Sunday 10AM-2PM 

Now for the foodie trivia question to see how educated a foodie you are!

Where do the co-owners of Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe apprentice before moving West to Denver?

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: What establishment did Old Major’s owner and Executive Chef, Justin Brunson, open before Old Major? Answer: Masterpiece Delicatessen!