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The Laughing Latte, a new coffee shop in the Highlands, is the kind of place you walk into and instantly feel like the outside world has melted away.  Brooklyn-born owner Dino Espejo is a stand-up comic that has designed the place to be just that–a coffee shop with no attitude, great food, and a light and fun atmosphere.  They serve the popular and locally roasted Novo Coffee. The Dirty Dino Chai is a pick-me-up Chai Latte with a double shot of espresso.  No wonder Dino is always so happy and on the move!  The Cuban sandwiches are stacked, stuffed, and pressed to perfection.  They also have a wide selection of pastries and recently added smoothies, great for hot summer days.  The Laughing Latte offers a great excuse for a well-deserved treat or just a brief pause from the daily grind.

The Laughing Latte

2001 W. 32nd Ave.

Denver, CO