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Have you ever thought, “What would this bag of Doritos taste like in ice cream?”  Well, wonder no more, The Crushery has an answer.  This unique bagel shop can “crush” anything between two slices of house-made crunchy and chewy ringed dough. The mad chemist in whites is John Davidson, a seasoned chef with a sense of adventure when it comes to food and iced dairy.  The liquid nitrogen ice cream is an amusing way to get your sweet tooth on by choosing any flavors you like!  The Crushery provides a base for you to choose from: ice cream, yogurt, or vegan.  The rest is whatever your wild taste buds desire: herbs, spices, syrups, candies, fruits, nuts and, yes, even bacon.  If you don’t see anything on the menu that tickles your fancy, the staff will always allow you to bring your own goods (including Doritos).

The Crushery

1579 South Pearl Street

Denver, CO 80210