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Where can you get quality paleo and gluten free sweets in Denver?  Sugar Bakeshop.  Sugar specializes in the usual decadent sweets: muffins, cookies, bars, coffee cake, etc. that are made from scratch everyday.  The twist is their surprisingly delicious paleo and gluten free treats.

The paleo muffins are made with almond meal, honey, banana, blueberry and spices.  Sugar Bakeshop also offers paleo chocolate cake and cookies.  Why paleo?  The paleo diet has been growing in popularity; it consists of no grains, no processed foods, no dairy and high in fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Sugar Bakeshop has gotten national attention for their decadent treats; they have been featured on the TV show Unique Sweets.  Another popular, distinct treat Sugar offers are their homemade pop-tarts, popsters.  Forget the artificial pop-tarts you remember as a kid; these homemade popsters are a hit with kids and adults a like.  They offer various flavors like brown sugar, nutella, strawberry, blueberry or banana peanut butter chocolate chip.

Sugar Bakeshop is located at 277 Broadway Denver 80203, 720-458-5432.

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm