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Chef Bradford Heap of Colterra has once more exceeded all expectations with Salt.  He has proven that local is better and that Colorado farms have much to provide.  Along with the exceptional ingredients, it is obvious that Executive Chef Kevin Kidd has flawless technique and a passion for farm-to-table foods.  The wood fired grill lends a satisfying smokiness to the menu. The open kitchen is a fascinating sight–we recommend sitting at the chef’s counter when possible.  The cocktail program, headed by Evan Faber, is a unique and entertaining way to enjoy cocktails.  You are able to choose the cocktail style, liquor, and flavors you like. The “Bar Chemist” will then design a drink customized to your taste buds!  Afterwards, a “regular” cocktail just won’t cut it. Salt has made itself comfortable in Boulder’s old beloved Tom’s Diner. Tom’s sign still hangs in front, respecting the legacy the former diner had in Boulder.  Salt is off to a great start creating their own legacy.


1047 Pearl Street

Boulder, Colorado