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By Becky Creighton

On a unseasonably warm weekend in Boulder, Colorado sits a top notch casual restaurant that serves up some of the best farm to table food in the area.  Their creative cocktail program has also garnered national attention with bar manager Evan Faber appearing on FoodTV and in Sunset magazine.  Their dedication to locally sourced food and beverages comes shining through with their extensive Colorado based wine, spirit and beer list.  A perfect cocktail for sitting on their patio on a March day that is in the 80’s would be the Strawberry Basil Vodka Collins with fresh squeezed lemon juice and house made strawberry basil syrup mixed with vodka and soda.

Since the cocktail has been chosen it only makes sense to order up some of their delicious food.  Executive chef Kevin Kidd has put together a menu that spans from land to sea (ok, the sea part is not so local but Colorado would have a hard time raising tuna here – just saying’).  Wow, it is hard to choose what to dine on with so many great choices from their house made veggie burger to the steak salad to the tuna nicoise salad.  Hmmmm, neither, go for the Long Farm pork sausage and gulf prawns.

Yep, that’s a perfect combination. Pork, prawns, seared greens and lyonnaise potatoes. Oh my yummy! salty, creamy and tasty, all in one bite.  Mmm, it will pair perfectly with the Collins drink that is a tad fizzy and a lot refreshing – better order two.

So, head over to Salt Bistro for a great meal, an amazing cocktail and enjoy some Colorado sun, don’t forget your sunscreen – or your designated driver because chances are you’ll order more than two cocktails.

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