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Protein Bar, based out of Chicago, has made its way to Denver.  Protein Bar is focused on providing healthy, flavorful, quick meals.  Their mission is a tall order: to change the way people eat on the go.  They don’t hide behind anything; the nutrition value for menu items is proudly displayed on the menu.  The ingredients are fresh, and many items are made in house.  Protein Bar offers options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and catering.

What can you find on their menu?  From their name, Protein Bar, you may suspect they offer protein drinks, and you would be right.  They offer many delicious smoothies that have fruit, your choice of milk and what type of protein you want added.  A personal favorite is the “Mile High Perk” made with chocolate and espresso protein, choice of milk and house made cocoa malt.  Aspen Acai’d is another favorite made with Greek yogurt, vanilla protein, Acai berry and banana.

Protein Bar Bar-rito

Protein Bar offers breakfast options like Greek yogurt bowls, oatmeal bowls, egg scramble bowls and breakfast bar-ritos.  The bar-ritos are different than other restaurant burritos because they are made with a flaxseed whole wheat tortilla, then grilled.  For lunch or dinner, try a spinach and pesto quinoa bowl, bar-ritos, quinoa chili or signature salads.  For other snacks, they have raw juices and 12 or 20 oz smoothies.

The Union Station location for Protein Bar opened May 6th, and Protein Bar has another location in Boulder.  Look for the opening of another Denver location, on CO blvd, this summer.

Quinoa bowl

Protein Bar is located at 1755 16th St. Denver. 303-893-0898.  You can order online with option for delivery.

Open Monday-Friday 7am-8:30pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm