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The ovens at Pajama Baking Company are always blazing, cranking out the best bread in Denver. All the breads are hand made, non-uniform, and simply perfect.   Their classic French bread is as close as you can get to the streets of Paris in Colorado, nice crunch on the outside, soft and airy inside. This bread is served by many of the local South Pearl Street restaurants.  The Pajama Baking Company also makes a rustic Ciabatta and the Jalapeño Cheddar is a top seller, often gone by day’s end.  Besides perfecting bread, Pajama Baking has mastered ice cream.  They have classic flavors and unique flavors, each using only the most premium ingredients.  Pajama Baking Company prides itself on being a modern day neighborhood market. Often, regulars will pop in if they have forgotten an ingredient for the night’s dinner and Pajama Baking will usually have it.  They also have savory sandwiches served on the delicious breads, house-made soups and pastries.  As the weather warms up, take a stroll down South Pearl Street, stop by Pajama Baking Company and try any of the delicious delights. You are sure to become a regular too.

1595 South Pearl Street

Denver, CO 80210

(303) 733-3622