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When you need to brighten up your day, get out of the doghouse, need a sugar fix, or you just plain feel like a cupcake, Happy Cakes Bakeshop is the place to go.  Happy Cakes is Denver’s first cupcake shop and certainly got us at Culinary Connectors hooked on the cupcake craze.  In addition to exemplary staples such as vanilla, chocolate and red velvet they also feature four to nine flavors that change daily: Mexican Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Cherry Coke, and French Toast, to name a few. The queen of craft and cuisine, Martha Stewart, even crowned her favorite: the tart and sugared Cosmopolitan.  Happy Cakes is not only sweet to their loyal customers, but is also involved in many local charities, and is an eco-friendly operation as well. Their cupcakes are cheery, delicious, and delightfully addictive! Happy Cakes will gladly take special orders for parties and holidays, including Easter and Passover! They are sure to be the icing on the (cup) cake for any event or just a sweet break in your day.

Happy Cakes Bakeshop

3434 West 32nd Avenue

Denver, CO