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Encore on Colfax has played a huge part in turning Colfax from slummy to snazzy.   East Colfax was known to many Denverites as the street you stay away from unless you were looking for trouble.  As an East High School alum, this gave me and my peers street cred, but we always saw the potential and charm that Colfax had and fiercely defended our street when kids from the suburbs joked about drive-by shootings.  Then in 2007,  chef Paul C. Reilly and his sister Aileen came along and set up shop in the lobby of the once empty Lowenstein Theater, which also houses the Tattered Cover and Twist & Shout.  Chef Paul is borderline obsessed with using local ingredients and his commitment to the environment is evident in his menu, which changes at least four times a year.  A favorite on the current menu, the Telluride Jalapeño Poppers, are almost a metaphor for Colfax: spicy, smooth, salty and slightly sweet.  The wine list is where Aileen shines; she’s a fan of bubbles and wines that wont break the bank.  A night out at Encore is accessible, but won’t leave you feeling cheap.  The Encore team and regulars affectionately call themselves The Colfax Country Club–it’s a club that all locals should join.  No background check required.


Encore on Colfax

2550 East Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO 80206

(303) 355-1112