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A true Colorado success story, Duffeyroll Cafe is a homegrown business that began with a pushcart on 16th street mall 25 years ago.  Due to an irresistible croissant-like dough that is married to a plethora of mouth-watering flavors, Duffeyroll has obtained inevitable success.  Besides the original cinnamon, Duffeyrolls come in the form of Zesty Orange, Irish Cream, Mountain Maple, English Toffee, and Pecanilla Crunch.

Although they do offer bake at home pans, I would not miss out on the neighborhood cafe ambiance at one of the three Duffeyroll cafes.  When you walk into a Duffeyroll cafe you are greeted as a neighbor and may even choose to become a part of the the Duffeyroll community composed of devout Duffeyroll customers.  Their pictures decorate the cafes’ walls.  All things considered, Duffeyroll cafe may be best described as that “happy place” we are all told to go to when life sends us its intrinsic stresses.

Duffeyroll has three locations:

Happy Canyon Shopping Center: 4994 East Hampden Ave, Denver, CO (303) 753-9177

Pearl/Louisiana Light Rail Station: 1290 South Pearl St, Denver, CO (303) 953-6890

Brookridge Shopping Center: 5198 South Broadway, Englewood, CO (303) 996-5900