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The Ideal Winter Cuisine Served at Denver’s Trillium

When it turns cold there is no cuisine more ideal than Scandinavian food to warm your tummy and enliven your spirits.  Through centuries of fine-tuning, Scandinavians were able to tailor a cuisine that aided in enduring the long, fierce winters that Scandinavians learned to grow accustomed to.

This cuisine is not that of Marie Antoinette’s, but more closely resembles a peasant’s cuisine, filled with a plethora of vegetables, fish and meats in their most pure and simple form.  This is nutritious comfort food that features such delicacies such as cauliflower soup, potato dill rouille, fennel salad, marbled rye breads, pickled vegetables, cured salmon, and sweet cakes that taste of gingerbread.  Peasant’s food never tasted so good.

Trillium, nestled just north of downtown, is one of the best new restaurants in Denver that offers this special type of cuisine.  The restaurant is named after a prized Scandinavian flower.  This gem of a restaurant offers a window into Scandinavian cuisine, using the finest and freshest ingredients available that day.  The chef, Ryan Leinonen, is Scandinavian, himself, and offers his American-Scandinavian spin on the dishes he grew up eating made by his Scandinavian grandma.  You certainly cannot get more authentic than that!
2134 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205 – 303-379-9759 – info@trilliumdenver.com
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