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TCO Breathes Life into Office Drab

Rumor has it that the so-called “corner office” your fellow coworkers have been meeting at to go over a “special project” is not the office you might have been picturing. If you want to be a part of this exclusive group, next time you hear the code word “corner office,” you can make your way to The Corner Office (a.k.a. TCO) located at 1401 Curtis Street, steps away from Denver’s Center for Performing Arts.

As you take your first steps through the door, you will find yourself in a new kind of office complete with retro-chic interior, a bustling bar directly to your left, and tables surfeit with dishes that look and smell of the comfort you may rightly be craving at the end of a long day of work. Always exuding a lively, rather contagious attitude, The Corner Office is the office to be at whether it be for a power breakfast, a working lunch, or a family-style dinner.


Dining Room at The Corner Office

From street food in the form of Baja fish tacos to foods such as Tuscan tomato soup that allow you to keep livin’ light, The Corner Office offers the food that appeals most to you, enabling you to revitalize from the life-sucking office drab. If you successfully coalesced with your coworkers so that you all could make the important meeting held at the “corner office,” then any of the dishes from the “share-ables” menu will do the trick. The lemon edamame or the Mediterranean hummus platter will make sharing with your coworkers a no-brainer.

Of course, if you are an overachiever, you may not be able to resist “working” at the “corner office” on Sundays so that you can participate in the “extra meeting” (a.k.a. Disco Brunch). On a Sunday, you might just have to choose the “Shag,” an irresistible option of apple bread pudding french toast replete with cinnamon maple ice cream, with a gluttonous drizzle of applejack syrup. If you would like to indulge in something besides the “Shag,” TCO offers “You Sexy Thing” with Nutella and strawberries between two slices of toasted brioche. Finish that off with a “Staying Alive” espresso to keep the office party alive and kickin’.

Dish by dish, and one by one, The Corner Office helps to breathe new life into the typical desk worker, helping each one in the battle to survive and overcome the normal office drab. Just remember the code word “corner office” and you soon might find yourself in an important meeting at Denver’s The Corner Office.

The Corner Office is located at 1401 Curtis Street Denver CO 80202; Tel: 303-825-6500.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

True or False: The Corner Office offers slow cooked duck gravy fries to those who dare.

Tune in to this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: “Al Lado is owned by what famous chef who will appear on Bravo TV’s top chef masters tomorrow, July 24th at 10/9 central !?!?”…Answer: Richard Sandoval is the celebrity chef at Denver’s Al Lado.