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Offering Comfort & Pleasure at Every Level

When the owner of a restaurant chooses to name his restaurant after his youngest son you can bet that the owner holds great value in his business, pouring his heart and soul into his restaurant in the same way one puts their heart and soul into the relationship with their child. A further look into the restaurant named Satchel’s on 6th reveals a degree of pride and ownership that speaks volumes of the way in which this restaurant is nurtured by all who are a part of it.

The workers, owners, and the chefs do this because it’s their pleasure, not just because it is their job. With the same degree of pride as the owner, the executive chef Dai Wren artfully concocts a slew of New American dishes that go beyond American flavors, adding in little touches of irresistible Mediterranean flair here and there. At Satchel’s champagne isn’t paired with cheese or a baguette, but instead, is boldly paired with one of the great treasures of America’s southern cuisine, fried chicken.

Champagne & fried chicken might seem like an odd combination, with one rooted in France and the other in America’s deep south. However, Satchel’s pairs them with such panache, adding in nuances of flavor in their sauces and sides that seem to somehow bring the dish together in a way that might begin to make one believe that the pairing was meant to be, after all. Indeed, some house fried chicken and sparkling champagne will be paired together at this June’s community dinner on June 9th, open to anyone and everyone who is in for a night of amiable chatter amidst fresh, seasonal, carefully prepared comfort food.

From their food to their atmosphere, Satchel’s on 6th seeks to offer comfort and pleasure at every level. Offering upscale renditions of the American classics, made according to the season, Satchel’s defines a new style of American cuisine that is more unexpected and yet possibly even more delicious. It is the kind of food that executive chef Dai Wren claims to eat every day, a statement that arouses a slew of comments as to what life must be like eating like chef Dai Wren.

Satchel’s on 6th is located at 1710 E. 6th Ave. Denver CO 80218; Tel: 303-399-2560. Reservations recommended, especially on weekends.