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Eating for the Greater Good


An ordinary cafe from the outside is doing extraordinary things on the inside for the Denver community by making healthy food available to all. The name is SAME Cafe, and it is not the same cafe you went to yesterday for lunch. Much different than that other cafe, this cafe has no set prices. ‘No set prices!’ you may think this is a hoax, but you will be happy to hear that this is most certainly not! SAME Cafe asks that you only pay what you feel the meal is worth.

Keep in mind a meal at SAME Cafe is quality down to every ingredient that comes from mostly local, organic Colorado farmers. Using whatever is in season, SAME Cafe creates a new menu each day featuring pizzas, soups, and salads that taste of simple homegrown comfort. Veggie noodle soup, leek soup, mushroom garlic pizza, and a meat-lovers pizza of pepperoni, ham, bacon and green olives are just a few of the delicious options you can feast upon for the price of your choosing.

With no cash register and just a donation box, you may wonder how this business keeps afloat. SAME Cafe is fueled by the donations of its patrons and the labor of its volunteers. Anyone has the opportunity to volunteer to wash some dishes or mop the floors in return for a warm meal. It is with such an ingenious infrastructure that SAME Cafe has become such a success, even making the news nationwide on both CBS and NBC’s nightly newscasts. TIME Magazine also caught onto the buzz, writing an article titled, “Where ‘Check Please’ is your call.”  SAME Cafe even has a summary on Wikipedia.

The beauty of this little cafe is that everybody wins in the end. Whether they volunteer for a warm meal or simply give a donation for some delicious, healthy and organic food, everyone together is working towards a greater good. Who would have thought you could pay it forward while dining out on tasty food? Now you know, SAME Cafe is no ordinary cafe, but is wonderfully different, and shall we say “priceless.”

Check out a video of SAME Cafe here:

SAME Cafe is located at 2023 E. Colfax Ave Denver CO 80206; Tel: 720-530-6853.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What does the acronym SAME in “SAME Cafe” stand for?

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to Tuesday’s blog question: “Why will you find dirt enclosed in plastic on Row 14’s walls?” Answer: Row 14 has dirt on their walls to showcase the farms, ranches and vineyards that supply them with their high-quality meats, veggies, and wine. Row 14 has such passion for where their food and wine comes from that they wanted to display their enthusiasm with putting some actual dirt on the walls. Head to Row 14 to see this novel display. It will surely make you smile and perhaps even make you think a little more about where you food and wine from your favorite restaurant comes from.