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By Hillary Bonner

If your ever-indulgent, East Coast taste buds have been searching for that perfect deli…The one you find with a line around the corner, tucked away on a dingy street corner in Little Italy, your search may be over. Gennaro DeSantis, co-owner of renowned meat supplier, Il Mondo Vecchio, brought the Old World to Denver last month by way of a small deli storefront on Old South Pearl. DeSantis offers the best of quality in naturally cured meats, cheeses and delectable delicatessens at Salumeria Cinque Soldi.

Mondo Vecchio cured meats

To say that there is a limited offering due to the small space of 600-square feet at the deli would be to lead you astray. The salumeria, Italian for delicatessen, offers an array of hearty Italian sandwiches, soups and salads, sausages courtesy of Continental Sausages, a full line of the locally cherished Il Mondo Vecchio products, take home meals, dried pastas, fresh breads and much more. Currently, the space is strictly for foodies in need of indulgence, but a liquor license is in the works and, soon, bottles of Italian red wine and Campari will accompany the splendidly simple creations from the deli counter.

The salumeria’s menu features not your average sandwiches, with a selection of chef created Panini’s and grinders and a build your own section for the creative, or picky, genius, in all of us or you could ask Ta or Cat Daddy to create something just for you. The pastas are made from scratch and are available for both dine in and take out. I recommend ordering from a selection of the chef’s sandwiches and enjoying a shot of Lavazza Espresso or a San Pellegrino while you wait.

Catch a pig or goat roast to round out your true Italian experience or see if you can catch Mark DeNittis there and you’ll be sure get some “wicked”  good food.

Cinque Soldi is located at 1284 South Pearl Street in Denver. 303-996-6400