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The Magic Lies within the Dirt

We Care About DIrt

When you first step foot into Denver’s Row 14, you might wonder why such a sleek, modern, and clean restaurant would have dirt encased in plastic frames on the walls. While this may be considered modern decor in some venues, do not fear, Row 14 is not trying to use the organic look of dirt to enhance your dining experience. Instead, Row 14 is simply putting their passion for food grown in good quality, healthy soil on display.

Row 14 cares about dirt since indeed the majority of all food and wine comes from dirt. Thus, the dirt on the walls actually comes from the farms, ranches, and vineyards that Row 14 sources its food and wine from. This can take knowing where your food comes from to a whole new level. As you feast upon your roasted Petaluma Farms chicken breast set aside a generous heap of pan roasted kale topped with olives and a house-made romesco sauce, you might look up and see dirt from the Petaluma Farm itself, or from another Colorado farm where the kale that is now set upon your fork is from. It is through good dirt, that Row 14 is able to acquire such tasty vegetables that serve as sides known as “Tasty Extras” including such delicacies as their addictive Parm Fries made with red potatoes, lusciously soft on the inside, encased in a slightly salty parmesan crust.

Row 14 Parm Fries

Row 14 Parm Fries

Even their cheese comes from dirt in one way or another, because you see the dirt is needed for the pasture that feeds the cow that metabolized the grass in order to produce milk which, okay, well you get the picture. For a local cheese that was produced with the help of Colorado’s finest dirt, try MouCo’s ColoRouge from Fort Collins. Its blooming reddish orange rind and its creamy, camembert-like texture on the inside will surely give you an appreciation for what kinds of foods Colorado dirt provides.

Whether you like dirt or not, Row 14 reminds all of its diners that the beauty that is served to you on your plate actually began in plain ole’ dirt, and since the healthiest dirt produces the yummiest food, you should at least display a little respect (or at least a giggle) when you see that dirt displayed proudly on Row 14’s walls.

Row 14 is located at 891 14th St. Suite 100 Denver CO 80202; Tel: 303-825-0100.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What is the name of Row 14’s Cocktail of the Week that is named after a facial expression you may have after one too many cocktails?

Tune in to this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: “True or False – Pinche Tacos began as a food truck, eventually expanding into its signature brick and mortar establishment.”…Answer: True, Pinche Tacos was originally a food truck that roamed the streets of Denver in search of hungry Mexican food lovers, but now has two brick and mortar venues located off historic E. Colfax Ave., and in the hip Denver neighborhood, the Highlands.

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