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Awards That Extend from the Community into the Kitchen

Known by those willing to venture about Denver in search of what has been deemed Denver’s best chile relleno, Rosa Linda’s has been a Denver favorite since 1985.  Tucked away on the corner of 33rd & Tejon in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Denver, the atmosphere at this family owned and operated mexican food haven is always warm and inviting, ever aglow with mexican food lovers.

Rosa Linda’s menu is unique, varying drastically from the normal mexican food joint, offering numerous vegetarian options in addition to some of Mexico’s most traditional dishes that can be difficult to find north of the border.  Traditional dishes such as chicken mole studded with rich cocoa, nopalito tacos stuffed with slice cactus petals, and chilaquiles garnished with shredded queso fresco and sliced, ripe avocado will have you redefining your previous notions of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Over the years, Rosa Linda’s has won awards for just about everything on the menu from their burrito to their enchilada.  Wall St. Journal even proclaimed their nachos to be the Top 15 Nachos in the nation.

When you walk through the doors of Rosa Linda’s you are treated as a part of the family from start to finish.  Indeed, Rosa Linda’s even opens their doors to those in need of a warm, holiday meal every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, serving thousands in the Denver community.

As you begin to uncover the underlying values and integrity intrinsic to the Aguirre family, it is no wonder that Rosa Linda’s has succeeded in 27 years of business, despite an unassuming location.  In twenty some years of business, Rosa Linda’s has accrued awards extending from the community into the kitchen, making Denver especially proud of its Rosa Linda’s.

Rosa Linda’s is located at 2005 W. 33rd Ave. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-455-0608.