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Street Taco Perfection

Pinche Tacos “Carnitas” topped with avocado cream and picked red onions
Photo taken by: Rebecca Cox

Perfection is a strong word, but with a few bites into a Pinche taco served warm with the delicious insides dripping out the back down onto your hand and arm, you will begin to experience the pleasures of street taco perfection. Perhaps you would not expect such perfection from what seems from the outside to be a hole in the wall taco joint with a plane facade of red brick hiding the gastronomic pleasures that are held inside. A few steps closer and you might here the words, “Dame Lengua!” being exclaimed, traveling beyond the walls with an enthusiasm that makes one a bit curious what all the fuss is about.

The spanish words “Dame Lengua” which in english means “Give me Tongue” is the name of one of Pinche Tacos regional street taco perfections that is novel enough to the typical American eater to make it a delicacy. Yes, it is made from tongue if you are reading this wondering. The taco is carefully stuffed with braised beef tongue that has been seared to a crispy perfection on the grill and is topped with Pinche’s famous tomatillo salsa and guajillo honey mayo that will surely make you lick your fingers in search of more spicy sweetness.

If the idea of consuming tongue, even in its most delicious form, is not at all appetizing to you, don’t be wary because Pinche Taqueria has more tacos than you will be able to choose from. For a taste of a classic Pinche treat, Pinche’s “Carnitas” Taco made with crispy, roasted pork paired with an generous drizzle of avocado cream is an all time favorite.

Pinche Tacos "Carnitas" topped with avocado cream and picked red onions Photo taken by: Rebecca Cox

Pinche Tacos “Carnitas” topped with avocado cream and picked red onions
Photo taken by: Rebecca Cox

For a lighter version, try the “Pescado” stuffed with chipotle and beer battered fish served with a pineapple guacamole and a splash of lime to finish it all off. The vegetarian may feast upon “Rajas con Crema y Maiz,” a veggie delicacy of roasted chile poblano, creamed chipotle corn, cotija, and sour cream. Last but certainly not least, one cannot leave Pinche without indulging, and I mean indulging, in their housemaid cinnamon churros that are served with a Mexican hot chocolate dipping sauce that is so good you will have to restrain yourself from picking up your spoon.

When it is all over, and you have had a full meal filled with street taco perfection, you may not be surprised to hear of the many accolades awarded to Pinche. Westword Reader’s Choice Best Street Taco, 10 Best Tacos in America according to epicurious.com, and Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appetit’s Top 50 are just a few of the tributes paid to the home of taco street perfection.

Pinche Tacos Best New Restaurant

Pinche Taqueria has two locations in the Denver area including its original location just steps off E. Colfax at 1514 York St. Denver CO 80206 & its new location in the Highlands at 3300 W. 32nd Ave Denver CO 80211.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Before owner Kevin Morrison of Pinche Tacos began Pinche, what famous Colorado sandwich chain did he begin? Hint: The name refers to the crunchy tang served with every sandwich.

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to this past Tuesday’s blog question: “The Lobby is located in the lobby of the building of what historic Denver hotel? Hint: It is named after a major European city known for its wide streets, grand palaces, gardens, and its pointy, tall landmark.?” Answer: “The Lobby is located in the lobby of what was once the Paris Hotel. Its grand elegance once reminiscent of this beloved European city famous for its grand palaces, wide streets, royal gardens, and its pointy, tall landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris' Eiffel Tower

Paris’ Eiffel Tower

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