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by Hillary Bonner

On this upcoming rainy weekend, you may be asking yourself what your game plan is.  After so many BEAUTIFULLY sunny Denver days, a gloomy Friday may be just what you need to motivate yourself to go home after work and treat yourself to a nice home cooked meal and a big glass of wine.  Do yourself a favor.  Skip the crowds at Safeway, King Sooper’s, Whole Foods, etc., and stop by the Pig & Block for a real slice, or slices, of heaven.

Denver’s one true Charcuterie opened on the 3300 block of Tejon in the Highlands neighborhood this fall and, ever since, brothers and co-owners Jeff and Marc Bauman have been whittling away at the rights to the butcher business in this up and coming neighborhood.  With unique offerings such as pate, terrine, crepinettes and rillettes, the family-owned store front is bound to win the heart of the meat loving foodie in all of us. For those who are less daring, the shop also offers an array of bacon, steaks and other pork and beef delectables.  For the vegetarians…Well, if you have a meat-loving significant other, Pig & Block may help you win an argument or “cure” the silent treatment.

Ahem, speaking of curing, Jeff and Marc passionately conjure and cure most of the meats in their shop.  Any of the mouth-watering meat products that they don’t bring to your table themselves, they obtain from local sources.   That’s right, all natural and straight forward:  They cure, you point, they cut.  Simply delicious.

Check them out on our Savor the Flavor tours and during their Club Wino dinners.

3326 Tejon Street Denver, CO 303-455-6328