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Authentic Italian Made In House


In a time when Italian food restaurants can be found in basically every town in America, the search for truly “authentic” Italian food may become more and more difficult, replete with ambiguity as to what is and is not authentic. Some measure authenticity by whether or not the products featured in a restaurant come straight from Italy. While this may make it more authentic in one sense, products that must be shipped all the way from Italy may lose their “gusto,” i.e. taste, vital to any authentic Italian dish.

In the end, true authenticity may arise from time-honored recipes that are carefully followed to a tee, ensuring the quality that comes with the traditional Italian way of doing things. At Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria you won’t find processed, pre-packaged ingredients that came from Italy, but that lack the authentic flavors the Italian “nonna,” i.e. grandmother, knows best. Instead, Lala’s offers authentic Italian foods that are made in house using the freshest ingredients that Lala’s chefs can get their hands upon, often sourcing locally. Each food is made according to the traditional Italian recipes that come straight from Italy so that authenticity is assembled in house.

Beginning with the Italian antipasti, the equivalent to American appetizers, Lala’s offers a tantalizing medley of house-made ricotta cheese, a house olive mix, and a specialty from southern Italy known as “burrata.”  Burrata, literally “buttered” in Italian, is an ingenious Italian invention that combines the best of both worlds, bringing together both cream and mozzarella into one fragile butterball of sorts. You will need a spoon for this delicacy.

Italian Burrata

Follow this with a pizza d’forno made with house-made spicy Italian sausage, peppadew peppers, roasted fennel, and a mix of Italian cheeses.

Lala’s pizza d’forno

Finish off your house-made Italian experience with a “Layered Spumoni” composed of a triple swirl of gelato in the form of pistachio, Amarena cherry, and to-die-for chocolate, all made in house, of course. The house-made traditional Italian wafer cookie known as “pizzelle” acts as the essential cherry on top. With the U.S. National Spumoni Day on August 21st, Lala’s is the place to go for this indispensable Italian treat.

Italian Spumoni

To the Italian food lover’s delight, authentic Italian no longer resides solely in the lands of Italy. For all Denver-ites or visitors to the Mile High City, Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria offers an authentic Italian meal from start to finish, founded upon house-made ingredients made according to the Italian recipes that the Italian “nonna,” i.e. grandma, used to use.

Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria is located at 410 E. 7th Ave. Denver 80203; Tel: 303-861-9463. Kitchen open ’til midnight during the week and 1 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Lala’s Executive Chef Samir Mohammad was chef at what well-known wine and dine spot in Denver before arriving to Lala’s? Hint: This wine and dine spot is featured on Culinary Connectors’ Top Restaurant Tour!

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

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