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Fruition’s Own Taste of Colorado

You can go to many restaurants in Denver that proclaim to serve local food. Of course, this can range from having a handful of items that include a few local foods in the ingredient list to serving mainly local products. However, you won’t find many other restaurants that take the local food movement to heart as much as Denver’s Fruition. That’s because Fruition has its own farm. In fact, Fruition even has its own sheep!

Fruition began Colorado’s first artisanal sheep dairy and creamery in 2010, and has been making their own cheese ever since. Fruition’s award-winning sheep’s milk ricotta speckles the menu, adding that touch of ripe, creamy goodness to plates such as the “Spring Asparagus Salad” with asparagus gelée, spring radish, and Beluga lentil vinaigrette. Two other cheeses, “Cacio Pecora,” translation Farmstead Sheep’s Cheese, and the bloomy rind cheese known as “Shepherd’s Halo” complement Fruition’s locally grown vegetables.

With a 10 acre farm just south of Denver in Larkspur, Colorado, Fruition has access to the freshest, most seasonal produce picked at the peak of ripeness. Every season, the menu changes to accommodate the produce the farm will be producing. In addition, there is always something locally raised being showcased on the menu such as Colorado spring lamb.

If that is not enough, Fruition adds in some finishing touches, incorporating its sheep’s milk ricotta into its “Lemon Madeleine” dessert topped off with strawberry rhubarb compote and a healthy dose of pistachio ice cream. This final act to the symphony of flavors Fruition offers with every dish makes eating seasonally and locally even more alluring. Through its own farm, dairy, and creamery, Fruition is quickly paving a new path in the local food movement, one that breeds a more sustainable relationship between farm and restaurant, and one that lends the diner a local, Colorado dining experience that can’t be matched.

Fruition Restaurant is located at 1313 E. 6th Ave. Denver CO 80203; Tel: 303-831-1962.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

In addition to sheep and lamb, what other animals inhabit Fruition’s farm?

Tune in to this coming Tuesday for the answer!

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