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Lowcountry Dining at Its Finest

Dining on the Outdoor Patio at Fourteen Seventy-Two

With strong parallels to New Orleans’ cajun cuisine, Lowcountry cuisine is a unique blend of the flavors of South Carolina’s Lowcountry mixed with Georgia’s coast, featuring a plethora of seafood, that famous South Carolina rice, and a lively addition of spice and all that’s nice from both Caribbean and African cuisines. To get a taste of this particular cuisine, you may head to Denver’s Fourteen Seventy-Two to experience Lowcountry dining at its finest.

From start to finish you will relish in flavors and textures you have never before encountered (unless you are from South Carolina or Georgia, of course!). To get this meal off to a good start, try something you probably cannot pronounce such as the “Tostones with Mojo Sauce.” Now, of course the secret ingredients to the “Mojo Sauce” are not supposed to be revealed, but, well they are too good to keep quiet with its tantalizing medley of olive oil, sauteed onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic. Warning: Do not try to make this “Mojo” sauce at home as it is highly addictive, trust me.

Moving on to treasures from the waters, Fourteen Seventy-Two offers Lowcountry ceviche with sashimi grade Ahi Tuna and the famous She-Crab soup, a rich soup, similar to a bisque, that showcases Atlantic blue crab meat from the female crab (hence the name!) melded together with mace and shallots in a butter cream base. For those who prefer to remain on land, Fourteen Seventy-Two has a wide selection of dishes that feature land animals. An irresistible overindulgence is the “Bodacious Pork Sandwich” that can be upgraded to “loaded” status which includes the addition of Black Forest ham and Gruyere cheese to your Chipotle Maple style pork. Order a side of Lowcountry sage stuffing to take the over-indulgence to a whole new level of bliss.

Opening almost exactly one year ago in 2012, Fourteen Seventy-Two has successfully introduced much of the Denver community to the pleasures of Lowcountry cuisine. With a dedication to the traditions of this unique cuisine, matched with an adventurous and innovative spirit, Fourteen Seventy-Two offers Lowcountry’s traditional dishes in their finest form.


Fourteen Seventy -Two is located at 1472 S. Pearl St. Denver CO 80210; Tel: 303-325-1447.


Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What lowcountry animal from down south is featured on the brunch menu at Fourteen Seventy-Two? Hint #1: Fill in the name of the animal in the following phrase from the menu, “______ Sausage Johnny Cake.” HInt #2: This animal inhabits swamps.

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: “What upscale restaurant was formerly located in the space where Jonesy’s EatBar is now located?“…Answer: Jonesy’s EatBar opened in June of 2008 in the space where the high-end restaurant, The Dish Bistro, used to be.