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Epernay Shines at Center Stage

Epernay Lounge at Night
Courtesy of 303 Magazine

Steps away from Denver’s finest theatre at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the restaurant Epernay serves up the final act Tuesday through Sunday beginning at 4 pm. Japanese in theory and technique, and modern American in flavors and presentations, Epernay showcases food that is anything but ordinary, or as Epernay’s chef explains, “nothing plain Jane.”

Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that Epernay uses a cooking method that is as unique as Epernay’s food itself. Known as the sous-vide method, Epernay uses this way of cooking to sear, roast, and steam all proteins, leaving nothing to be fried or grilled. Ultimately, this leaves the food in a more natural, pure form. It is this technique that allows Epernay to compose healthy food that still exudes its purest flavors.

Pure and raw are the two flavors available at Epernay with classic sushi dishes piled sky high set alongside unique globally inspired sous vide dishes. After slurping down oysters and sipping upon some bubbles (i.e. champagne), you can move on to a piece of sushi as typical or atypical as you would like with options ranging from sea eel and smelt egg to tuna and smoked salmon.

Epernay’s Pork Belly

Next, for something cooked according to the sous vide method, you can dig your fork and knife into “Crispy Pork Belly” served aside truffled mac & cheese. The main course may also be cooked with dishes such as the “Tea Smoked Duck Breast” drizzled in a sweet grape gastrique. Finish off with Epernay’s homemade ice cream or sorbet flight and you will be wondering if you can somehow bring about an encore performance.

Such a performance can only be accomplished with a chef who has quite simply mastered the art of cooking. As Chef Duy Pham explains, “It’s all about the art – the art of poaching, the art of cutting fish, the art of sous-viding, and the art of techniques.” That being said, Chef Duy Pham might have something else up his sleeve, as the food at Denver’s Epernay shines at center stage in a way that only can be described as magic.

Chef Duy Pham

Epernay is located at 1080 14th St. Denver CO 80202.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What unassuming Colorado town did Chef Duy Pham previously own a restaurant at before he returned to his roots in Denver to open Epernay?

Tune in to this coming Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: “Approximately how old is the space where Trillium is now located?”…Answer: Over 100 years old. It was once a wheel and deal pawn shop.”

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