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All-American Pleasure

Central Bistro’s Nutella Waffle

Finding an authentic American restaurant amidst America’s numerous Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and other ethnic food restaurants can be surprisingly difficult. Even restaurants that may claim to serve authentic American food may fail to achieve such standards, unable to successfully capture those flavors that lay the foundation for authentic American cuisine.

For those in search of true American eats, one Denver restaurant has the tastes you are looking for. Denver’s Central Bistro located in the Lo-Hi neighborhood dishes out bite after bite of the classics, each with a touch of modern to keep the taste buds guessing. Beginning with a dish of house roasted peanuts lightly spiced with a touch of honey, an American artisan cheese plate, and/or a bowl of Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds, you may begin to feel a little nostalgia over these American classics.

After you have relived such flavors from an American past, you may look to the future with unexpected accents such as rhubarb chutney or a late harvest vegetable pilaf, both accompanying a plate of pan seared chicken topped with rosemary and everything nice. Since every American meal includes dessert, next you must sink your fork (and knife!) into Central Bistro’s Nutella Waffle. Made with a European staple, Nutella, this waffle comes with flavors intrinsic to American culture including banana butterscotch and pretzel in the form of ice cream. If you can fathom something even more grandiose than this, consider the Central Split, a unique take on the American banana split that is a sort of all-in-one inclusive. That is, the Central Split combines brownies and cookies together with ice cream, banana, whipped cream, and of course, that ole fashioned cherry on top. While the description indeed sounds enticing, a few bites and you will be asking to see Central Bistro’s pastry chef, Danielle St. John, to see what tricks are up her sleeve.

These pastry delights along with Central Bistro’s American bites will be featured this Sunday at Denver’s Taste of the Nation event, an event that was voted best food event in Denver in 2010. This event will help support efforts to end childhood hunger in Colorado, donating its proceeds to Colorado’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Central Bistro’s commitment to its community along with its dedication to serve authentic American cuisine, makes Central Bistro a gem within Denver’s ever-growing restaurant scene. Brave enough to do the classics and do them well, Central Bistro proves that the classic American bites will never lose their zest, especially when they are touched up with a few unexpected additions to add that flavor kick your taste buds have been looking for. For that all American pleasure all wrapped up into one meal, head to the Central Bistro and experience American flavors all over again.

Central Bistro is located at 1691 Central St. Denver CO 80211; Tel: 303-477-4582.

Central Bistro’s Dining Room

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

What city did the vintage pieces seen in the dining room of Central Bistro come from?

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to this past Friday’s blog question: “True/False – Before settling at Trillium, Beverage Director Park Ramey did stints at Denver’s Bistro Vendome, Brasserie Rouge, Rioja, Corridor 44, and Colt & Gray.” Answer: “True, Trillium’s Beverage Director Park Ramey made the rounds at some of Denver’s best restaurants before settling at Trillium where he began the now famous Akvavit program.