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Hungry for Spring

Even though it is still snowing out in what is normally sunny Colorado, the spring menus at many of Denver’s local restaurants are in full swing.  Spring vegetables speckle the menus, offering Denver diners a refreshing taste of spring’s bounty that is certain to renew the body and tantalize the taste buds.

Hungry for the best spring has to offer, Denver diners can feast upon the “Spring Salad” at the local Denver restaurant known as Cafe/Bar.  Composed of grilled asparagus, zucchini, pickled grapes, lentil, arugula, the “Spring Salad” is dressed up with a generous drizzle of house-made green harissa yogurt sauce that adds that unexpected zing integral to any good salad.

It is through innovative ingredients such as the house-made green harissa yogurt dressing that Cafe/Bar has successfully pieced together a creative cuisine that still retains an element of classic appeal.  Dishes such as the Colorado striped bass that are inspired by Classic American cuisine are made into a modern dish through unexpected pairings including a banana zucchini fritter and a side sauce best defined as a corn-coconut emulsion.

Dish by dish, Cafe/Bar has formed its own unique modern spin on some of America’s finest dishes.  With its plentitude of affordably priced dishes, Cafe/Bar is a place you can visit time and time again.  Indeed, many “Denver-ites” do, making Cafe/Bar into a local, neighborhood hangout that offers a taste of unexpected flavor combinations you would not expect to find at a place that calls itself by the simple, yet elegant name of “Cafe/Bar.”  Open for weekend brunch, midday meal, and evening supper, hurry down to Cafe/Bar to experience Denver’s own novel reinvention of the classic American cafe, with its very own delicious modern spin.

Cafe Bar is located at 295 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver CO 80209; Tel: 303-362-0227.