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The Modern Version of an American Classic

Some classics are so good that you just can’t let them fall to the wayside. The American cafe is one such classic. With its sense of comfort mixed with just enough residential charm to exude an air of sophistication, the classic American cafe is unique enough that it cannot be replaced.

That is why restaurants like Denver’s Cafe/Bar, the modern version of an American classic, have chosen to renew the style of the American cafe, keeping its core and revamping its edges with little modern touches. Each dish served from Cafe/Bar’s kitchen presents a classic American recipe that has been tailored to reflect a few of the present day influences of new American cuisine. In the end, this offers the diner a refreshing new take on some of the American dishes of comfort they have come to love.

Beginning with Cafe/Bar’s weekend brunch, diners can choose from the stereotypical American blueberry buttermilk pancakes or the cinnamon roll french toast, each one dressed up with a decadent side of crème anglaise and banana cream, respectively.

For lunch, Cafe/Bar makes the thickest and juiciest bison burger in all of Denver. It comes topped off with an American southern classic, fried green tomatoes, which sits below a layer of red pepper marmalade that will have you licking your lips and looking for more. For some more wild west fare, try their smoked trout sandwich made with their own house smoked trout cakes, served with an unexpected citrus flavored cream fraiche further paired with an even more unexpected orange and avocado salsa.

The American novelties served up at Cafe/Bar even extend to their salad category, a normally boring section of the menu, especially when it comes to the prototypical American salads. However, even if you are tired of eating salad this late in the summer, it is in your best interest to try Cafe/Bar’s Organic Berry Salad. With seasonal organic berries, raw pistachios, candied lemon and what Cafe/Bar calls “orange supreme,” you might not know what to do when the waiter brings you the lavender vinaigrette to dress on top. With a refreshing spring mint lemonade to mingle with the lingering lavender left on your tongue, you will surely begin that summer dreamin’ all over again.

For some summer dreamin’ before the summer fades away into fall, head to Denver’s Cafe/Bar. Sitting out on their patio or inside their cozy cafe, you can sit back and enjoy a few American classics all done up with a modern day edge. With a few bites of one of Cafe/Bar’s novel dishes, you will experience first hand what a little creativity and innovation can do.

Cafe/Bar is located in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood at 295 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver CO 80209; Tel: 303-362-0227.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

True or False: Archaeological evidence suggests that the pancake may be the earliest and most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies.

Tune in this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to this past Friday’s blog question: “What year was Star Bar originally founded? HInt: Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho came into theaters the following year.” …Answer: Star Bar was originally founded in 1959, one year before Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho came into theaters in the year 1960.