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The Italian Delicacies of Denver’s Amerigo Delicatus

Despite a long-lived love affair between Americans and Italian food, the average American may still consider anything past spaghetti and meatballs topped with Kraft Parmesan Cheese to be foreign. In a country where processed Italian food can be found in every supermarket (maybe even at your local 7 Eleven), authentic, handmade Italian-American food may be so rare that by today’s standards it may be considered a “delicacy.” So where do you find such delicacies?

If you live in or are visiting Denver, you can head to “Amerigo Delicatus Restaurant and Market” for all of your Italian food needs. The market section of Amerigo sells seasonal, made-in-house Italian in the form of hand-made pasta, cheeses, sausages, sauces, and prepared meats, everything you may need to create an authentic, handmade Italian dinner.

If the thought of trying to piece together your own meal with foreign, albeit authentic Italian ingredients sounds a little too intimidating, possibly even stressful to the cook who has not yet ventured beyond canned Prego tomato sauce, then relishing in a meal at Amerigo’s restaurant might be your ticket to experiencing the pleasures of Italy’s best. For lunch, Amerigo offers sandwiches better than mom used to make featuring such sandwiches as the Italian “Capocollo,” a traditional Italian cold cut salumi or the “Capresi” piled high with house-made mozzarella. Such quality has never been so cheap at just $7.50 for the sandwich of your choosing.

Amerigo’s House-Made Mozzarella

Amerigo also offers a full-service dinner that includes such Italian specialties as the soft, dumpling-like pasta known as “gnocchi” topped with brown butter and sage, seared pork tenderloin, fig and marsala. Different from any industrially produced gnocchi you have had before that maintains a putty consistency in your mouth, this gnocchi melts in your mouth in a way that puts industrial gnocchi to shame. Since every good Italian meal ends in dessert, don’t hold back from ordering Amerigo’s classic Italian Canoli filled with enough marscapone, ricotta, and chocolate to make your heart sing to the best of Puccini’s opera. For a less cheesy ending, Amerigo’s buttermilk donuts rolled in granulated sugar are a treat not to be missed according to Westword who voted Amerigo as one of the top ten places for doughnuts in Denver.

Doughnuts at Amerigo

After all is said and done, a visit to Amerigo’s will have awarded you a hand-made, authentic Italian meal whether you choose to be the cook or you let Amerigo wine and dine you away into an Italian daydream where Italian food delicacies abound.

Amerigo is located at 2449 Larimer St. Denver CO 80205 in the Ballpark Neighborhood just north of Coors Field; Tel: 303-862-9850.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Fill in the ending to the quote Amerigo proudly displays on their website homepage:
“ONE CANNOT THINK WELL, LOVE WELL, SLEEP WELL, IF ONE HAS NOT____.” Hint: The quote is by Virginia Woolf and if you really want to know before this coming Tuesday check out Amerigo’s website!

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the answer!

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