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Sharing has its Benefits, after all

Tapas at al Lado

There are many things Americans have borrowed from the rich culinary culture of the Mediterranean. Among them, is the tradition of grabbing a refreshing drink accompanied by a savory bite after work or during an early evening on a day off. This pastime is present in many areas of the Mediterranean, including Spain, where it is known as “Tapas.”

Foodies of Denver will be happy to learn that tapas are also available in their own city, offered every night to the diners of al Lado. Al Lado’s tapas offer a wide variety of flavors and portions, appealing to every appetite. Of course, tapas are traditionally meant to be shared with your fellow diners. Diners may order a wide variety, creating a smorgasbord of flavor. For larger groups with larger appetites, al Lado offers the “Whole Shebang” which includes the entire menu for $165.

From blistered shishito peppers topped with fine grains of fleur de sel, Spanish olive oil, and roasted garlic aioli to patatas bravas, a spanish specialty made with crispy baby potatoes served with a rich and savory chorizo smoked tomato-chipotle romesco sauce, Al Lado packs the flavor into each bite.

To satisfy your appetite for pizza, al Lado offers “Cocas,” i.e. spanish flatbreads. A personal fave, the short rib and fig coca is topped with the tender meat of short ribs accompanied with a red onion and fig jam, micro-arugula, and Spain’s blue cheese Valdeon. For those highly carnivorous diners, al Lado’s rather large skirt steak served with a side of Tunisian’s hot chili sauce, harissa, and a garlicky chimichurri sauce, a medley of parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar, will fully satisfy the meat eaters in the group.

If you ever wanted to pick something off your fellow diner’s plate, tapas might offer your ideal dining experience. Patrons to al Lado can carefully select each bite, mixing and matching the flavors that appeal most to them. No longer stuck with one plate, you get to enjoy the tastes of many. Sharing may have its benefits, after all.

al Lado is located at 1610 Little Raven Street, Riverfront Park Denver, CO 80202; Tel 303.572.3000.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Al Lado’s owner, Richard Sandoval, will be appearing on what popular TV series this summer?

Tune in to this Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to Friday’s blog question: “During the prohibition in the U.S. (1920-1933), whiskey could still be purchased from which well known store, still popular in America today?”…The Answer: The retail pharmacy chain, Walgreens, that were allowed to fill prescriptions for Whiskey, according to the Dr.’s orders.