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Okay so last weekend, you enjoyed the last bits of official summertime by grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  This coming weekend, you can still enjoy the delicious, irreplaceable oven-grilled taste by taking a trip to the restaurant “Oak at 14th” located in Boulder.

Oak at 14th” successfully captures the Colorado rustic style in its cuisine that is centered upon their own oak-fired oven and grill.  Oak also fits nicely into Boulder’s forward thinking, hip dining scene with its local and seasonal menu.  So you can enjoy the fruits of Colorado’s labor from dishes that feature locally grown vegetables and locally produced meats.  This means that you can sit down and savor wood-oven roasted beef marrow, wood-grilled Colorado lamb T-bones, and/or locally foraged porcini mushrooms that are fresher, tastier, and also support your local producers.  Oak has small or large plates in order to suite every type of appetite.  So when your appetite returns this weekend, give your own grill a rest and consider taking a trip to “Oak at 14th.”

OAK at fourteenth is located at 1400 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO and can be reached at (303) 444-3622.