Where to Eat this Weekend: Beast+Bottle

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A Rustic “Farm to Fork” Eatery


Beast+Bottle, a small, romantically decorated “farm to restaurant” eatery serving rustic American fare and craft cocktails is a must visit for brunch and dinner. Every week the restaurant sources from Colorado farms to provide the best ingredients possible, highlighting the quality of the dishes, even keeping their own flock of hens for fresh eggs. Acquiring a pig and a lamb every week, the restaurant practices in house butchery and charcuterie, utilizing the entirety of the animals to honor their integrity.


The restaurant’s owners firmly believe in crafting an environment that provides knowledge to their guests by sourcing ethically and humanely raised, organic when possible, responsibly harvested food and creating relationships with farmers, ranchers, and purveyors to generate community and support. The “beast” in the restaurant’s name refers to this exact integrity in whole animal usage, introducing diners to new cuts and creative dishes. The “bottle” obviously referring to cocktails, wine, and beer, is influenced by a European style tradition by drinking how one would prefer. The restaurant even carries a specialty saison beer from a local brewery made just for them, which is ever so light in hops and carries lemony citrus notes making it easy to drink one after another.



Considering the restaurant practices “farm to fork” cuisine, the menu is every changing, relying on farmers for seasonal produce. However, with a menu that features small plates, vegetables, flatbreads, and entrees, each guest is sure to enjoy a sustainable menu item influenced with resourceful multi-elemental components.


Beast+Bottle is located at 719 E.17th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 (303) 623-3223

Brunch: Saturday-Sunday, 10AM-2PM

Dinner: Tuesday-Sunday, starting at 5PM


Now for the foodie trivia questions to see how educated of a foodie you are!

The owner’s of Beast+Bottle are siblings? True/False

Check back on Tuesday for the answer!

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: What era does Williams and Graham model their establishment after? Answer: Prohibition!

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