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At first sight, you might judge the restaurant Ute City in Aspen, Colorado to be an upscale, sophisticated spot that requires a dress, some heels, a button down shirt, and a tie.  Upon further investigation, it is easy to see that while Ute City does indeed have a sophisticated edge that is rooted in old world ski-town charm, it is more of a locals’ hangout.

Ute City’s laid back, yet sophisticated style is also displayed in its food.  The menu is sprinkled with sophisticated European dishes such as Andalusian Gazpacho, Duck Confit, and German Spätzle.

Chef Peter Coyne pairs these sophisticated dishes with local ingredients in order to create his own unique versions of these European classics.  Besides these European classics, one may also find the local favorites such as slow cooked Colorado lamb shank and Rocky Mountain bacon.  With this, Ute City offers the best of both the sophisticated Old World and the more innovative New World.

Ute City is located at 308 East Hopkins Avenue, Aspen CO and can be reached at (970) 925-2900.