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All Buttered Up

As I pierce the tender, soft, luminous skin of a supple ball of Italian “burrata” cheese, a stream of mozzarella mixed with cream oozes its way out onto my plate so that I am left to form a strategy to sop this gooey, delicious mess up and into my mouth. Luckily, I have another plate filled with the specialty “House” pizza at the Limelight Lounge in Aspen.

The pizza’s roasted fennel, sausage, caramelized onions, and chiles add just the right amount of piquant edge to the rich, milky burrata cheese. Another bite and I am in awe of the Italians’ ingenuity in naming this cheese “burrata” which literally translates as “buttered.” Once I am sufficiently buttered up from the burrata, I slink into my chair next to the fire, listening to the live music, and wondering when all the skiers will arrive at this little Italian food mecca known as the Limelight Lounge in Aspen.

Limelight Lounge is located at 355 S. Monarch Street, Aspen, CO and can be reached at (970) 925-3025.