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Cooked or Raw, Kenichi’s Sushi is a Work of Art

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Bite by bite, I delicately piece through the plate of sushi before me that more closely resembles a fine work of Asian art rather than the succulent, rich, satisfying plate of sushi that it is.  At Kenichi, located in the mountain resort town of Aspen, Master Sushi Chef Kiyomi Sano and Executive Chef Ed Schmidt combine their talents in the art of cooking and making sushi in order to create culinary works of art that look just as good as they taste.

The menu features an endless list of seafood options, all listed in their traditional names in addition to english, that may be enjoyed in sushi form or cooked to the diner’s delight.  Among the finest sushi you may come across in this land-locked state, Kenichi offers such notable dishes as the wild salmon sashimi with goat cheese and a red onion vinaigrette.  Their house sushi rolls are made of ingredients as novel as the presentation.  Try their “Kamodo” made with blackened tuna, mango, and avocado on edamame paper, a novelty indeed.

If you prefer your seafood cooked, cut into their Asian BBQ Wild Salmon with wok-fired greens and a japanese mustard emulsion.  My personal favorite might just be the truffle miso halibut with stir-fried garlic spinach, combining flavors of Asia and Italy for a compatible marriage that will surely last.

Cooked or raw, the seafood at Kenichi’s holds an appearance and a taste that will have you dreaming up what sort of artwork you might be able to taste next.  You might just hang a picture of your sushi up on your kitchen wall.

Kenichi is located at 533 East Hopkins Avenue #2, Tel: 970-920-2212.