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If you’re wandering around Aspen this weekend and are looking for a break from the sunshine, mosey over to Gisella at 415 East Main Street and escape to Northern Italy.  Former soccer player turned chef, Michel Wahaltere, and skilled restaurateur, Marcello Ferreira have created an elegant Italian gem in downtown Aspen.  With an elaborate menu encapsulating the Liguira and Campagnia regions of Northwestern and Southwestern Italy, a 20 page wine list and breathtaking views of the mountains, Gisella creates the ultimate dining experience.

Wahaltere creates a rotating menu each season and the current Summer menu invites you to sample seafood, fresh produce and cheeses and all natural meats.  To get your meal started, try the Affettati Di Mare (sliced sea), an assortment of seafood featuring cured albacore tuna belly, caviar, shrimp and salmon.  Or, try the seasonal gazpacho, a chilled white asparagus soup.  The California Water Buffalo Mozzarella is featured on this summer menu as well and is one of their Campagnia-inspired specialties.  Also, be sure to ask your server about the nightly “raw” appetizer special.

If you’re having problems choosing from the vast selection of wines, summon the in-house sommelier for bottle recommendations or for help with pairing glasses with each course.  For dinner, Gisella offers nine pasta dishes ranging from 19-24 dollars.  You may have some trouble choosing from this list as well, however, as it boasts every pasta under the sun.  House made ravioli, penne, fettuccine, risotto, gnocchi and pappardelle are featured, to name a few.  If carbs, no matter how delicious, don’t suit your mood you can also ponder the eight entrees on the summer menu.  Colorado Angus Steak, free range veal, Scottish salmon, striped bass and a all-natural half chicken are all prepared with a delicate Italian flare.  The Colorado lamb sirloin is a favorite and sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Gisella is located at 415 East Main Street in Aspen, CO, (970) – 925-8222.