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Sweet and Savory

            Sugarmill, a delightfully charming restaurant and bakery in Denver serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, is an ideal establishment for any occasion. Upon walking into the small eatery, I was suddenly hit with a whimsical feeling, immediately overcome with lightheartedness and an urge for sweets. Not only is there a bountiful display of attractive and enticing desserts laid out before your eyes, but also the smell of sweet and savory fills the air as you are graced with tunes of the 50’s and 60’s.

This is the type of place you could spend all day at. From meeting friends for coffee or tea, enjoying dessert after a late dinner, or grabbing a delicious lunch, the menus at Sugarmill are truly accommodating for any gathering or “grab and go.” The restaurant provides a large, high community table with a view of Larimer street, and small tables throughout accompanying a bar overlooking the kitchen allowing for an in-depth observation of Chef Noah French’s intricate confectionary art.

This restaurant and bakery lounge is a place of absolute indulgence. Every sweet and savory menu item triggers a craving that is sure to be satisfied by items such as the “red velvet crème brulee,” “turkey pot pie,” or the ultimate “duck confit quiche.” The RiNo (River North) art district has definitely gained an asset in this fanciful new dessert bar and cafe.


Sugarmill is located at 2461 Larimer St #101, Denver, CO

Monday-Thursday 8AM-10PM, Friday-Saturday 8AM-11PM

Now for the foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

At what restaurant was Chef Noah French the executive pastry chef before opening Sugarmill?

The answer to last Tuesday’s blog question: In what city did Executive Chef, Carrie Shores, attend culinary school? Answer: San Francisco!