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I hope all of you have already made reservations for dinner but if you haven’t please call your favorite restaurant today. For those of you who don’t realize how busy restaurants get during this weekend – we compare it to New Years Eve – you should know how many line cooks are working overtime this week prepping for you and your sweetheart to enjoy dinner.

If your favorite restaurant is already booked, try cooking dinner at home. Start with a salumi plate from Il Mondo Vecchio. It’s loading dock Friday today from 2-6pm. Get cheese from The Truffle, some bubbles from Mondo Vino and cupcakes for dessert at Happy Cakes. The fine folks at Marczyks will help you put together a great main course as will the staff at Tony’s Market.

If you are looking for a gift to add to a bouquet of roses EVOO has a great selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars and Savory Spice has a variety of different spice blends.

They say a way to person’s heart is through their stomach. I couldn’t agree more. I hope all of you enjoy a scrumptious meal with someone you love this weekend.