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A Denver Landmark Continues Its Legacy

Tucked away on the corner of 17th and Humboldt, Strings is a neighborhood bistro that’s casual appearance masks its landmark reputation.  A visit to Strings will take you on a journey into Denver’s past, as you hear of tales of famous rock stars dining at Strings decades ago, relics of their visits still hanging about in the numerous nooks and crevices.

The layout of Strings is unique, offering you personal dining in a nook if you so wish, or out in the open at a large round table fit for ample socializing.  If you stumble upon the right seat, you may sit and watch String’s line of professional chefs performing their magic.  On a Sunday morning, you can watch them as they serve up a carrot cake pancake with cream cheese whipped cream and a generous drizzle of cinnamon maple syrup, hopefully yours to indulge upon of course.

The chefs’ performance continues into the night as they serve up endless bowls of pasta.  Try their orcchiette (Italian for “little ears”) pasta mixed with pan-roasted broccoli, small, white cannellini beans, roasted red peppers, spicy, succulent olives, and Jumping Goat feta cheese that adds that much desired creaminess.

One trip to this renowned spot, and you might just get all strung up over this Denver legacy.