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Let Jezebel’s Feed Your Soul

Dipping my hands into a basket of fried pickles set aside a generous cup of homemade spicy ranch, my hands begin to get greased up with that good tastin’ southern flavor that causes me to have to retain myself from licking my hands clean.  As I reach for a mini cornbread plated to my right, this flavored southern’ grease makes its way onto my cornbread.  “Lucky dog” says the man seated at the bar to my right who has been eyeing my small plated feast for the last ten minutes.

Little does he know, I am just getting started.  I am in for a good ole fashioned southern meal, of southern proportions of course.  Next up, the “Brunswick Stew,” made with smoked BBQ Pork, okra, corn, and lima beans, thankfully served with another slice of that decadent Jezebel cornbread.  A few heaping spoonfuls and I am onto the good ole southern barbecue of smoked beef brisket that melts in my mouth, adding a touch of that much needed BBQ tang to my feast.

Wanton for dessert, I order nothing less than Jezebel’s luxurious Red Velvet Cheesecake.  A generous forkful and I think for a moment that I have died and gone to southern heaven.  As I delicately slide my fork in for another piece of heaven, I come to understand why Jezebel’s has the slogan “We feed your soul!” printed onto each menu.  At Jezebel’s, you will taste the best of that Southern flavor that fuels the soul, right in the Mile High City.

Jezebel’s is located in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver at 3301 Tejon St. Denver CO 80211, Tel: 303-433-3060.