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Board the Plane for your Latin Wine Adventure

Sitting down to a glass of fine Latin wine at Denver’s Al Lado may be likened to sitting down on a plane headed to Spain or Latin America for an adventure through the rich and plentiful world of Latin wines. Every afternoon and evening, Al Lado takes its guests on a journey of wine exploration spanning the Latin cultures from the robust wines of Argentina to the refined, and yet playful wines of the Iberian Peninsula.

Of course, it is up to the diner as to how many stops will be included on this adventure. Wine flights range from 3 to 6 to 8 stops, offering different degrees of exploration. No matter how long you choose to explore, you are sure to get a chance to try wines intrinsic to the Latin culture such as the Verdejo from the Tierra de Costilla of Spain. The Verdejo grape has long been grown in the Rueda region of Spain where it is used to make an aromatic, often soft and yet full bodied wine. Beyond verdejo, you may try Espumosas (Bubbles), Vino Blanco (White Wine), Rosado (Rose), Tinto (Red Wine), and Grandes (bold & unforgettable).

Once you have landed, there is no rule that says you cannot continue the fun with a house-made sangria or a classic Latin cocktail. You might begin with the sweet and spiritous Spanish Calimocho cocktail, a classic among the Spanish women who are looking for a sweet and lively refresher. Another cocktail inspired by the Andalucia region of Southern Spain known specifically as the “Costa del Sol” (Sunny Coast) is concocted to revitalize those who have taken in perhaps a little too much Colorado sunshine. This cocktail named the “Malaga G & T” revitalizes all who succumb to its allure with its healthy dose of Botanist gin, Fever Tree tonic, pink grapefruit, and mint.

Al Lado’s Malaga G & T

Whether you have your bags packed and are ready to board the plane for your Latin wine adventure, or are looking to simply relish in a classic house-made sangria or Spanish cocktail, Al Lado offers the experience you have been thirsting for. Set in a sophisticated, yet cozy atmosphere, Al Lado offers a taste of the Latin style that is nothing less than addictive.

Al Lado is located at 1610 Little Raven St. Denver CO 80202; Tel: 303-572-3000.

Now for the Denver foodie trivia question to see how educated of a foodie you are!

Al Lado is owned by what famous chef who will appear on Bravo TV’s top chef masters tomorrow, July 24th at 10/9 central !?!?  Join this chef this Wednesday at Al Lado for the Top Chef Masters viewing party beginning at 7 pm.

Tune in to this coming Friday for the answer!

The answer to last Friday’s blog question: “What unassuming Colorado town did Chef Duy Pham previously own a restaurant at before he returned to his roots in Denver to open Epernay??”…Answer: Chef Duy Pham owned a restaurant in Pueblo before he came back to Denver to open up his very own Epernay.