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If you were lucky enough to attend or know what Cochon 555 is, you will know how excited to be that Cochon 555 is partnering with Breckenridge Brewery to present the Punch King’s Grand Finale.  On Sunday June 29th, at the Curtis Hotel in Denver, 10 of the nation’s best bar tenders will compete to prepare award winning punches made with Breckenridge Bourbon.

Punch King’s Grand Finale will be an event you don’t want to miss.  Cochon 555 founder Brady Lowe says, “This will be the most notable punch-themed celebration to hit the country since prohibition was lifted in 1933!”  Of course pairing the punch for this event will be 500+ pounds of heritage pig made into delicious eats by chef Rich Byers from The Corner Office, Jeff Bolton of Katchina, Jason Brumm of Second Home and Jae Lee of The Curtis.

Tickets for Punch King’s Grand Finale are $55 for general admission and $100 for VIP.  The event is held June 29th from 4-8pm MST.

The official host for Punch King’s Grand Finale in Denver is:

The Curtis Hotel

1405 Curtis St. Denver 80202