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Where in town can you get a reindeer, elk, wild boar, rattlesnake or pheasant sausage?  Biker Jim’s of course.  Not only are these dogs unique, they are amazingly delicious.  It’s no coincidence Biker Jim’s is one of Denver Yelp’s #1 restaurants.

Biker Jim’s started when Jim Pittenger (Biker Jim) stopped working on cars and started selling unique sausages on 16th street mall from a food cart.  The Biker Jim’s food cart is still available on the 16th street mall, and now also on Auria campus.  Jim also has 2 brick and mortar locations: one in the ball park district and one in Highlands Ranch.

Biker Jim’s unique dogs are char-grilled and can be topped with cream cheese and caramelized onions for an original topping, or be topped with more diverse ingredients like New Jersey style chili, roasted cactus and curry jam scallions or wasabi aioli.

Drink this week at Biker Jim’s to enjoy these gourmet dogs paired with one of many local Colorado craft brews, PBR, homemade shakes or cocktails.

Biker Jim’s is located at 2148 Larimer St. Denver 80205. 720-746-9355.

Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm

Friday and Saturday 11am-3pm

Sunday 11am-10pm

Highlands Ranch location: 1601 Mayberry Dr. Suite 103 Highlands Ranch 80129. 720-344-2100.

Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm

Friday and Saturday 11am-9pm

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dog, photo from Biker Jim’s Facebook