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Once a vacant warehouse space, Vesta Dipping Grill located in LoDo is now a thriving restaurant with a warm, dream-like ambiance that even the six Vestal Virgins would be happy to inhabit.  In fact, they do.  Their statues may be seen throughout the restaurant along with flame shaped light fixtures that call reference to the symbolic flame that the Vestal Virgins were in charge of safeguarding in ancient Rome.

This artistic, hip, and timeless decor sets the stage for a romantic or at least memorable night of drinking.  You may choose from wines from every corner and niche in the world, including even our neighboring state of New Mexico.  If you feel like something even more novel, taste test Vesta’s Açai Daquiri on the rocks filled with the chocolate, berry flavors of the açai berry.  Whatever you choose, you will surely be waft away to the ancient streets of Rome, the goddess Vesta and her six virgins by your side.

Vesta Dipping Grill is located at 1822 Blake Street, Denver, CO and can be reached at (303) 296-1970.