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I smile as I take in a glass of wine at the community table at The Kitchen Next Door.  Somehow the wine has captured those nuances of flavor that arise from Colorado’s unique terroir.

The wine I am savoring is a Riesling from the Jack Rabbit Hill Winery located in western Colorado’s North Fork Valley.  With each sip I find the natural residual sweetness and the crisp, refreshing acidity that should be present in a wine from a winery that is just around the corner from a Jonathan Apple Orchard.

As I finish off my glass, I peer once again at the wall of Colorado wines and beers on tap at The Kitchen Next Door and wonder where else in town I would be able to taste Colorado’s diverse terroir in a glass. The Kitchen Next Door provides its customers with a real tasting of the the spectacular wines and beers of Colorado communities, each one capturing a different piece of Colorado’s terroir.

The Kitchen Next Door is located at 1035 Pearl St. Boulder, CO and can be reached at (720) 542-8159.