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Beginning with an afternoon tea that includes a meadow herbal infusion with lavender simple syrup, Fee Brothers Grapefruit, and Bitters.  If you want something cold, you can choose from Oak’s house made Ginger Beer, Root Beer, and their own Passion fruit and lemongrass house made soda.  This will surely pick up your afternoon spirits and carry you to the early evening, where you can gradually ease into drinks with some alcoholic kick to them.

In the stylish setting of Oak at Fourteenth, you can feel like royalty as you sip upon the drink named “The Queen” filled with the flavors of grapefruit and elderflower.  If you are looking for a more humble drink, try “The Monk’s Garden,” infused with basil and tarragon vodka, cucumber, lavender, and lime.

Of course, Oak offers local and foreign beers and wines from Europe and the New World.  Oak strives to offer drinks from every corner of the world that will satisfy every palate.

OAK at fourteenth is located at 1400 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO and can be reached at (303) 444-3622.