Where to Drink This Week: Denver – Wynkoop Brewing Co.

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Denver Goes Nuts for Wynkoop’s Ballsy Beer


Few breweries have the balls to experiment with combining Colorado’s beloved Rocky Mountain Oysters into one of their brews. What began as an April Fool’s joke was made into reality as Wynkoop brewing tried their hand at the unthinkable. The brewery, located in Denver’s LoDo, raised eyebrows, wrinkled foreheads, and turned heads when they announced their newest creation, a beer containing bull testicles that would come in the form of canned two packs, of course.

Rocky Mtn. Oyster Stout

A true success, this beer turned out to be a Wynkoop classic, encompassing Wynkoop’s fervor for the traditions of its home state and yet, still introducing the public to its creative, at times audacious and more rash side. Indeed, many of the beers on tap at Wynkoop brewing are a little edgy, and are often based upon Colorado in some manner. Names such as Belgorado (Belgian Style + Colorado), Colorojo Double Red, and Mile High P.A. proudly speak of the brewery’s home state.

Wynkoop's Current Beers on Tap

Wynkoop’s Current Beers on Tap

Their newest brew “Cheeky Saison de Colfax” even makes reference to Colorado’s 26 mile long main street, once called the “longest and wickedest street in America” by Playboy magazine. It is true that Colfax Ave. is home to some of Denver’s seediest spots. However, Colfax is also home to a milieu of art studios, boutiques, Colorado landmarks, and even cute little cupcake shops that combine with the shady parts to form the unique, colorful, and maybe at times, wicked culture of Colfax Ave.

Just as visitors to Denver commonly make at least a short visit to or past Colfax Ave. on their way to a music show or onto downtown, Wynkoop Brewing has quickly become a must-visit Colorado landmark since its origination in 1988. Through its passion for Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters and all, Wynkoop brewing is one of the ideal places in Denver to enjoy one of those famous Colorado small-batch, hand-crafted brews.

Wynkoop Brewing is located in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood at 1634 18th St. Denver CO 80202; 303-297-2700.

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[…] far this experimenting has led to some of Wynkoop’s most popular brews such as the now world-famous Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout that Culinary Connectors previously wrote about her…. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout was the first of Wynkoop’s “Even Smaller Batch” […]

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